Category : Marketing

Associate Brand Manager

The main responsibility of an associate brand manager is to build and maintain a brand/product for a company.  They help the brand manager with developing and coordinating business plans, objectives, and long-term strategy. Other duties include: Assisting in the development and execution of advertising, marketing, and public relations activities to […]

Mobile User Experience (UX) Designer

The general responsibility of a mobile UX designer is to ensure that the product logically flows from one step to the next in order to create the best user experience.  Mobile UX designers work with the marketing team, in addition to other areas of the business, to create and improve […]

Email Marketing Manager

Email marketing managers optimize and build top-notch marketing programs.  They make sure emails are delivered, opened and clicked on.  Email marketing managers are knowledgeable about and compliant with the CAN-SPAM act, they optimize for mobile, find the right timing and frequency for campaigns, and organize segmentation and personalization strategy.  And […]

Digital Media Buyer

Digital media buyers have an important role on the advertising team.  But what does media buying involve?  It involves getting the best advertising rates, responding to the latest audience figures by adjusting media schedules, managing budgets, and monitoring and updating clients on a campaign’s effectiveness. Has this left you wondering […]

Search Engine Optimization Specialist

Do you see “SEO” everywhere but you are not quite sure what it means?  Search engine optimization (SEO), is the practice of improving and promoting a website in order to get more visitors and move the page to a higher ranking in the organic search results.  Are you a problem […]

Digital Marketer

The field of digital marketing has gained popularity as everyone and everything has moved online.  Marketers have realized the advantages and opportunities that going digital creates.  Tracking campaigns in real time, seeing what kind of content resonates with audiences, and being in constant communication are just a few examples.  Students […]