Category : Recording Arts

Recording Engineer

Recording engineers record, edit, and mix sounds through microphones, setting levels, and sound manipulation techniques.  They are skilled in different types of recording technology and sometimes, they also take on the role of producer and oversee artistic and technical elements. It is important for recording engineers have good time management […]


In a broad sense, the overall responsibility of a stagehand is to assist performers by accommodating their needs and helping them perform to the best of their ability.  More specifically, stagehands do behind the scenes technical work at live or recorded productions.  Sometimes they assist the sound manager in developing […]

Live Sound Technician

Live sound technicians manage audio equipment at live events or on recording sets.  They are responsible for sound checks, placing equipment, and sound volume and quality.  Technicians record speech and music, as well as other sounds.  They use mixing boards to mix and edit music, voices, and sound effects.  Sometimes […]

Sound & Recording Specialist

Enrolling in a sound and recording arts program will prepare you for a career on the technical side of the industry.  If you have an interest in sound design, music engineering, event production, or audio-post production, this could be the right area of study for you!  Some programs offer specializations […]