Category : Art & Design

Visual Development Artist

Visual development artists design and develop the look and feel of of films, videos, animations, and other productions.  It is their job to imagine and create ideas of what they think the animated world should look like based on story, characters, and action. It is common for visual development artists […]

Storyboard Artist (Animation)

Storyboard artists illustrate narratives, plan shots, and draw panels to show action and maintain continuity between scenes.  They often work with directors and sometimes scriptwriters, producers, clients, or storyboard supervisors to visualize and tell the story. Although not required, animation or film degrees are helpful, as they provide you with […]

Storyboard Artist (Film)

In film, the storyboard artist turns a screenplay into a series of illustrations, which helps the director get a clear idea of what they want to achieve.  Illustrations are made by using computer drawings and storyboarding software. If you want to pursue storyboarding for film as a career, you should: […]

Environment Artist

Environment artists create backgrounds and scenery in video games and film.  After the concept artist sketches the idea, the environment artist creates a 3D model with texture, color, and lighting. This position requires a bachelor’s degree, usually with a major in fine art, game art or graphic design. Environment artists […]

Character Modeler

Character modelers construct shapes of digital character models.  In other words, they create and modify existing characters for video games, animations, and simulations.  They are also responsible for maintenance and support of the digital assets and responding to guidance and review notes from directors and creative and technical supervisors. If […]


Are you looking into the art and design field but not sure what kind of position you might want after school?  Maybe you don’t want the common graphic designer or visual effects artist job.  If so, the compositor role might be for you!  Compositors combine all the elements into the […]

Motion Graphics Artist

Are you a visually creative and artistic person? Do you like working with computers?  If you answered yes to these questions, you might like a career in motion graphics!  What do motion graphics artists do?  They develop video and animation that portrays motion, usually in digital media like television, film, […]

Web Designer

A web designer develops and creates websites.  Usually, they are independent contractors and work in a wide range of industries.  A web designer is responsible for creating the look, layout, and features of a website. They meet with clients to assess their need and work with development teams or managers […]

Animation & Visual Effects Artist

Animation and visual effects are everywhere.  They are present in television, the internet, videogames, and films.  When you enroll in an animation and visual effects program, you will learn how to combine traditional skills with storytelling.  Most programs require individual work and teamwork, both of which allow students to create […]

Graphic Designer

There is no escaping graphic design.  From the posters we see to products we buy to the websites we visit, graphic design is everywhere.  Are you a visual, creative, and organized individual?  Does graphic design sound interesting but you want to learn more?  Graphic design programs provide students with the […]