Category : Film

Production Assistant

This is the entry-level position of the filmmaking world.  Regardless of what your aspirations are, this is most likely the role you will start your career in.  You will learn firsthand about life on a professional set and make contacts to help forward your career.  Responsibilities change from day to […]

Film Editor

Film editors remove unneeded and unwanted bits, then put the pieces of the film together into the final product.  They work with cinematographers and sound designers to combine the two. Film editors should read the script and meet with the director in order to understand his vision for the film. […]

Sound Designer

Sound designers create sound for film, television, theatre, video games, and music.  Sound gives film and live action a sense of location, period, or mood.  Sound effects are usually added during the editing process.  Sound designers work with production mixers, sound supervisors, editors, and directors in order to the create […]

Film Generalist

Are you looking to develop your film and broadcast skills?  Majoring in film is a great way to do this.  In recent years, film has become more and more popular as an area of study.  It is becoming more usual for a film school to offer more hands-on experience, which is […]