Storyboard Artist (Film)

In film, the storyboard artist turns a screenplay into a series of illustrations, which helps the director get a clear idea of what they want to achieve.  Illustrations are made by using computer drawings and storyboarding software.

If you want to pursue storyboarding for film as a career, you should:

  • Have basic technical knowledge of film cameras and lenses
  • Possess excellent drawing and communications skills
  • Have experience using storyboarding software
  • Be able to visually interpret other people’s ideas
  • Be able to visualize perspective and 3D space
  • And more

It is important that the storyboard artist knows about the director’s role and is comfortable working with him.  After reading the screenplay, they meet to discuss the mood and atmosphere of the scenes to be storyboarded.  Sometimes, after delivering the first few illustrations, directors will ask the storyboard artist for suggestions for the following scenes.

Interested in storyboarding for film?  Take a look at the programs below.

  • Bachelor’s, Digital Art and Design at Tribeca Flashpoint College in Chicago, IL.
  • Bachelor of Arts in Digital Design at New Jersey Institute of Technology in Newark, NJ.
  • Bachelor’s, Digital Arts at the University of Oregon in Eugene, OR.
  • Bachelor of Arts in Digital Media at the University of Central Florida in Orlando, FL.